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Iso9001 certified factory for Fall Protection Products in Ningbo city of China. The whole system we have here is powered by 

SAP and following ISO9001 work procedures, we supply our

qualified & CE certified products to European customers ,ANSI certified products for the American market, CSA certified products for Canada market as well as other local

standards in specific countries.

Mainly focus on OEM business for our customers with their 

specified designs, thanks to the high quality sewing 

techniques and premium components, every single safety 

items produced by GIGA is at least 20% higher than standard 


The 3,000 square meters workshop, hightech brother sewing machines and rigorously trained workers provides a capacity 

of  30,000 units of safety harness and lanyards per month for 

the worldwide market.


The GIGA owned testing LAB in capable of HARNESS's Dynamic & Static test as well as lanyard's, 100ft horizontal lifeline's Dynamic & Static test,Stanchion's Static test, Leading edge Dynamic test, Webbing abrasion test, Hardware Strength & Salt spray test, Printing's abrasion test. 

Our Workshop



• Programmable brother sewing machong provides

unique stitching
• Production flow increase the efficiency
• Every single item was individual inspected
• Inspction team

Our Laboratory




• 100ft long 50ft high test Structure for Horiziontal lifeline

• Leading edge test

• Stanchion test structure 

• Drop test apply to every 500 pcs
• High frequency dynamic load cell
• Metal components hardness test
• Tensile test
• Salty spray test

• Ambitient test

• Abrasion test